Test Your Understanding
Section I. Floral Structure and Function

1. Label the drawings shown below.

a. __________________
b. __________________
c. __________________
d. __________________
e. __________________
f. __________________
g. __________________
h. __________________
i. ___________________
Section II. Floral Terminology
1. Which of the flowers shown below is irregular? (Check one.)
A. B. C.
_____ Flower A
_____ Flower B
_____ Flower C
2. Compare and contrast the terms listed below as to function or definition.

sepal function / petal function

calyx / corolla

anther function / filament function

stigma / style

ovary / ovule

complete flower / incomplete flower

perfect flower / imperfect flower

regular (radial) symmetry / irregular (bilateral) symmetry

Section III. Floral Diagrams
Dicot Dicot floral diagram
1. Using both the photograph and the floral diagram above, fill in the table for this flower.
Number of sepals

Number of petals

Number of stamens

Symmetry of
the flower

2. Complete the floral diagram below by labeling the sepals, carpels, petals, and stamens.

a. ____________________
b. ____________________
c. ____________________
d. ____________________

Is this a diagram of a complete or incomplete flower?

Is this a diagram for a flower with regular or irregular symmetry?

3. Make your own floral diagram for a flower that is regular and incomplete.